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Wishav Warta – About Us

Wishav Warta Times - Breaking News, Stay Updated with Latest News from Punjab, India and all around the world.

Wishav Warta stands tall as a pillar in the field of journalism, committed to providing reliable, timely, and insightful news coverage with suggestions to all Punjabis.
Established in 1992 by journalist Devinderjit Singh Darshi as a weekly newspaper, “Wishav Warta” continues to evolve, keeping pace with the highest standards of journalism while consistently striving to meet the needs of its readers. Recognizing the increasing demand for digital news sources, “Wishav Warta” has established itself as a trusted source, providing news and information from around the world for the past decade. It is currently serving its readers in three languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi.
“Proudly honored as the world’s first online Punjabi news agency, “Wishav Warta” continues to progress in digital journalism. With an experienced team of journalists and editors, it covers politics, current affairs, culture, sports, health, entertainment, and other topics, ensuring its readers are the first to receive immediate and direct information about events happening worldwide.
Acknowledged as the best Punjabi website, “Wishav Warta” has been honored with the “Punjabi Media Ratna Award.” Through its diverse content including articles, videos, and multimedia, it fosters a sense of pride and unity among its readers while serving the rich culture of Punjab and its people.
“Wishav Warta” is a recognized website by the Punjab government and is grateful for the continuous support and collaboration from its progressive partners. It assures its commitment to maintaining impartiality and prioritizing the service of humanity.